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This is a combination chat room / discussion board. It's pretty unique. You can instantly chat with any artist who is currently online, and whatever messages you post will be visible all throughout the day for others to view and respond to.

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Mario Carta

1:37:33 AM

Hello all and good Friday morning to you!

Delynn Addams

5:31:32 AM

Greetings Everyone, You are invited to self promote by following this link to other sites to post your artwork.

Ronald Walker

11:09:19 AM

Hey Mario, happy Friday to you!

Mike Savad

12:23:59 PM

Mario Carta

1:57:47 PM

Hey Ronald, how's it going? Hello Delynn!

Delynn Addams

4:46:16 PM

Greeting Mario, Awesome day and a wonderful day to you all.

Delynn Addams

4:48:04 PM

Today I invite anyone to self promote. Just follow the links to decorate the posted room with your POD, print on demand pillows and blankets. It is all free. Enjoy.

Bruce Dunavin

6:41:00 PM

I have a domain name from an old website that I do not use anymore. How do I point that domain name to my website with FAA? I discussed this with and they told me they did this for me, but the old name still points to my old website.

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